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GameFare is THE free platform to connect a network of students/players and instructors/coaches around the world.

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Getting started

Record Video: Once you’ve signed in, record footage of you training and/or practicing (you can also import videos from your local camera roll).

Analyze Technique or Strategy: Watch the video recorded and identify where you need technique or strategy help.

Get Coaching: Search for a coach / professional and request coaching- you will be prompted to share video footage with the coach or give more detail as to what you want feedback on specifically.

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Why GameFare

Unlimited Accessibility: With Gamefare, users can search for coaches around the world and get expert analysis as well as feedback for your given sport or activity.

Get Instant Coaching from the best in the business: Book a live session with a coach. Get more feedback in a shorter period of time and improve faster! Giving both parties complete autonomy and flexibility.

Develop Longstanding relationships: With GameFare you are no longer restricted to local coaches and professionals in your geographic area. Expand your horizons globally with us.

Easy to use

Explore all the power of the tech tools with an intuitive and simple interface. Get feedback from professionals all over the world.

Video speed adjust, zoom feature, screen drawing, voice recording and a more tools

Share or upload video directly through the app, or via text message

Find and book expert coaches/professionals in your sport or activity

Request a live coaching session or share video, get feedback via audio recording

View videos side-by-side footage in slow-motion from your library to track progress

Follow coaches/instructors by joining their clubs and following posted content

About Us

We started this concept to connect tennis teaching professionals with their players from anywhere in the world. Players were seeking technique help on the specifics of their games from service motion to on-court movement. Our unique approach to dual-screen control and the “club” feature allows students and coaches to create a library of their own work.  Throughout this journey we also found that this concept is applicable to other professions, sports, and hobbies.  From tennis to golf, soccer to music, even to helpful knitting techniques – whether you are a beginner or an expert, we’ve got you covered.

Scott Doerner
GameFare Co-Founder
Florian Gruessing
GameFare Co-Founder

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