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Getting started

Create a Profile with Coaching Services: Create a profile (called a ‘Club’ in the app) and identify coaching services you want to offer including time duration and price (examples: Stroke analysis, strategy) Tip: get creative with what services you feel like users will utilize most from your skillset

Share Link to Profile on Social Media Platforms: Use the link provided to your Gamefare profile (found in Club settings) and post or share to your clients as well as social media channels so users can find you and book you through the app

Accept Bookings: Lookout for notifications from users requesting either a live coaching session or alternatively, you can watch footage and voice record with tips and feedback over the video and share with the client.

Get Paid: Payment is all done through the app- so what better way to add the reach to your business by not restricting your time to only in-person sessions

Create your Clubs: Within the “Club” feature- a coach can create video content and post to their club or channel if you will. Coaches can direct users and clients to their “Club” whereby users can pay for content via a monthly subscription. Coaches can then monetize from their fan base by creating consistent quality content that users find valuable.

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Why GameFare

Grow your business

Users all over the world can request your services, which allows you to make more money and find new clients. Additionally, coaches can create a paid subscription channel through their club


You don’t have to be on a court, or in the gym to give coaching. It can be done anywhere, including the comfort of your home or office

No Operating costs

Coaches don’t need equipment or to pay for balls or court hire, instead, coaches provide expert feedback and analysis when the coach wants and from wherever they want

Secure payments

Users pay through a verified and secure CC and the money is deposit into your bank account once the task/session has been completed by the coach

Less Wear and Tear on the Body

Online Coaching is the way of the future and gets you off your feet

No Travel Time

Have clients set up their phone and watch matches live in real time. No more travel time or distance restrictions